World Pulse

World Pulse

Indus­try: New Media, Non­prof­it
Loca­tion: Port­land, OR

World Pulse is a social net­work con­nect­ing women world­wide for change. My role as Tech­nol­o­gy Asso­ciate involved many dif­fer­ent assign­ments to meet the shift­ing needs of a small non­prof­it, from ensur­ing ecom­mu­ni­ca­tions sent to out­side audi­ences of 20,000+ con­tacts were pix­el per­fect to design­ing and edit­ing a vari­ety of assets for print and the web.


  • Graph­ic Design: cre­at­ing and edit­ing design files for print and the web.
  • Email Mar­ket­ing: work­ing with the pro­grams team to imple­ment and send email cam­paigns, list man­age­ment.
  • Data and Ana­lyt­ics: com­pil­ing month­ly ana­lyt­ics reports, man­ag­ing the Sales­force data­base.
  • Con­tent Man­age­ment: mon­i­tor­ing the web­site for spam, post­ing trans­la­tions.

icon design

Icon Design

social media engagement

Social media design
Facebook image

email campaigns

Email campaign
Email campaign

print design

Print design
Print design


Video editing